Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Boston Herald: Making It Big (Top)

I may be a globe-trotting international poet but one of the things I am most proud of is teaching mime and commedia dell'arte classes to the kids who come each summer to Open Air Circus in Somerville where I live. Jed Gottlieb writes in The Boston Herald:

...Ian Thal has spent seven years teaching students commedia dell’arte, an improvised masked slapstick that originated in Italy during the Renaissance.

“If I do my job well, the kids learn that creativity is a shared enterprise, that wit can be as much in the body as in words,” Thal said. “When they get to that age where they start studying Shakespeare in school, they recognize that the Bard’s roots are as much in broad, over-the-top comedy as in poetry.”

There's still time to register! Classes begin tonight!

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