Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Total War Semi-Finalist in Dorothy Silver Playwriting Competition

Today, I found the following letter, dated March 3, 2009, in my mailbox:

Dear Ian,

On behalf of the Dorothy Silver Playwriting Competition Committee, thank you for your entry to this year's contest.

Your play was selected as a semi-finalist amongst a group of 73 plays which is a noteworthy achievement. Regrettably your play,
TOTAL WAR, was not selected as a finalist. We appreciate your participation in the competition and wish to encourage you to continue writing and to resubmit plays to us in the future.

This just days after I received the following email, dated March 6, from the dramaturgy fellow of another theatre:

Although [name of theatre withheld since this was not a competition]is not able to provide a home for your script, I found its dialogue and situation compelling. I would highly encourage you to continue submitting TOTAL WAR to other venues.

If I am to take anything from these "rejections," it's that I was right to trust my intuition (and encouragement from certain friends) to embark on this undertaking, and ignore those who discouraged me.

Until I hear otherwise, the next step is casting for the staged reading in April.

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