Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Response to my Modest Proposal

It took a few days before there was much of a response, probably owing to the fact that I posted my "Modest Proposal" on the Jewish-American Festival of Chinese Food and Movie Night (food was excellent, but the restaurant was understaffed, the service was ridiculously slow, and one of my fellow celebrants did not receive her entrée!) But not only was there an active discussion (in which I discovered that Isaac Butler and I agree on possibly the most salient points) but Guy Yedwab over at Culture Future began to take up some of my ideas into his own thinking about diversity in theatre.

He even named a method after me:

That's the Ian Thal method of diversity: making the work we're passionate[about*] be diverse work, and championing it.

*My addition

I think I need to listen to this "Ian Thal" more. Thanks. Guy.

My proposal is a work-in-progress, and there are certainly other aspects on which I will elaborate in another post.

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