Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thither Macbeth has gone to November

I arrived ten minutes late to rehearsal this evening to find the cast gathered in a circle. As I took my seat, I realized I had missed a monumentous announcement, so it was explained to me: Due to work commitments, we lost our Banquo, we still had not found our Donalbain, and since it was clear we needed to postpone the performances, we lost our Macbeth as well, since the actor was in from Los Angeles and was only in Massachusetts for the summer.

So we are recasting those roles and tentatively moving our our production to early to mid November depending on the availability of the space.

I still do not believe in the curse.

The remaining cast was invited to audition for the now open roles but I decided that I was sufficiently pleased with the ones I am already playing as they were sufficiently against the type of which I have been previously cast.

In the interim, it seems that the Lallygagging Players will be changing their name.

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