Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Sine Waves and Canadian Geese" at Boston City Hall

As mentioned previously, my poem, "Sine Waves and Canadian Geese" was chosen by Charles Coe as part of an exhibit sponsored by the Mayor's Prose and Poetry Program at Boston City Hall. As I had just received a digital camera as a birthday present, I decided to document the poem before the exhibit ended on May 23rd. This was the second time on of my poems had been selected.

As I toured the entire exhibit, which spanned nearly every floor of City Hall, and photographed some of my friends' poems as a favor to those without digital cameras, including work by Elizabeth K. Doran, Chad Parenteau, Mignon Ariel King and James E. Van Looy, my frequent colaborator in Cosmic Spelunker Theater. I was particularlly taken with a poem by Ellen Steinbaum for having evoked the paintings of Childe Hassam an American Impressionist painter who so often captured scenes of Boston.

On my way out, I decided to sign and date my poem posted by the elevators-- I thought it might be of interest to city archivists.

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