Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Adventures of CMYK

Last night, I attended a screening of The Adventures of CMYK, a film by Katherine Machaiek, a student at Emerson College. It's a funny, low budget movie about a trio of kids who foil an evil genius' attempt to destroy the world (or at least a substantial part of it.) "Low budget" is hardly an insult as student films (and indeed many independent films) rely heavily on volunteers and donations-- and as often demonstrated in the 1970s by Doctor Who, clever scripts, charismatic acting, and and imaginative design easily trumps a low budget.

I have a single scene in the film which was shot last fall at a school in Concord, Massachusetts. I play the eccentric and foppish homeroom teacher of the protagonists. It's a better performance than I recall, so I'm quite proud to have been involved.

Trivia: Most of the Greek and Latin on the chalkboard is my doing. I wrote it out as the crew was preparing the set the moment I noticed that the classroom we were using belonged to a high school classics teacher. Everything on the board is connected with the theme of the film. I owe this to my interest in the philosophy of technology, an interest that began from my readings of Heidegger's The Question Concerning Technology.

N.B.: Here is a link to the preview trailler:

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