Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Troupe's New Masks: Behind the Mask Studio

One of the benefits of Teatro delle Maschere's relationship with Behind the Mask Studio & Theatre is that master mask maker Eric Bornstein is crafting the troupe's new masks. After using a set of masks I had developed for teaching classes and workshops in performance, we will be premiering Eric's masks at our June 2nd performance at the Cambridge River Festival.

What follows is a preview of the masks as they are in the process of being crafted:

Arlecchino sculpted in clay over a plaster cast of my face.

Columbina sculpted in clay over a plaster cast of Stacey Polishook's face.

Il Dottore sculpted in clay over a plaster cast of James Van Looy's face.

Here is the trio after all three have been sculpted.

This is a cast taken off of a clay mold. It will form the basis of a final mask. In this case, the mask is for Perriot; who, though not traditionally a masked character, is in our case. As with the Dottore, he has been sculpted over a face cast of James Van Looy.

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