Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Live From Somerville!

My friends Amanda and Art Hennessey invited me to appear on their (mostly) live sketch comedy show on Somerville Community Access Television (SCATv).

Dead Air Live presents Somerville Night Live:

I play a number of characters in this episode including Emerson Woodshole, a marine biologist, Busker Moominshantz, a subway musician, myself, Arlecchino, and the guy hiding behind the couch.

Another pleasant surprise was that one of the other guests was my friend, dancer and choreographer, Alice Hunter!

What you can't see is that as the hour progressed I began coming down with a cold, and have vague memories of being quite miserable by the end!
Somerville Night Live - Valentine's Day Edition
Top row, left to right: Cheryl Singleton, Art Hennessey, Juan Carlos Pinedo, Erik Rodenhiser; Front Row: Busker Moominshantz, producer Brad Kelly, Alice Hunter, Christine Power, Amanda Good Hennessey, and Floyd Richardson.

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