Monday, February 21, 2011

Talkback: 2/21 Staged Reading: A Scene From The Conversos Of Venice

If you attended the Small Theatre Alliance of Boston's February 21st Open Mic Night at The Factory Theatre and did not have a chance to share your thoughts regarding the excerpt from The Conversos of Venice during the talk back segment or you found that you had further questions or comments, I invite you to continue the discussion:

I am particularly interested in the following questions:

1.) Knowing that the characters and situation are derived from another dramatic work, did you find that knowledge necessary to follow the action? Or did the scene operate independently?

2.) Did the world of Conversos come through in the dialogue and stage directions? Did the world building distract or did it flesh out the interaction between the characters?

Of course, if you have other thoughts you wish to share, feel free to ignore these questions!

You can make comments (anonymously, if you so choose) by way of talkbackr:

[N.B.: The Talkbackr page for this event has expired 3/1/2011]

email if you so care to engage me directly.

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