Monday, February 23, 2009

Going Viral

Somehow, last week's post, Arlecchino at the Gulu-Gulu Cafe received a one-day spike in readership. Intially, I attributed this to this post by my friend, local playwright and actor, Art Hennessey (mentioned previously when I did a presentation for his students at Emerson), on his Mirror up to Nature blog, as I always find it interesting to read, and generally find it worthwhile to follow the links he provides to other sites, so understandably, I thought that this would be the source of traffic considering how well he praised it.

Instead, I found that the visitors were coming primarily from two sources.

The first was Wicked Local's Somerville Blog, in which Kathleen Powers referred to me as "well known Somerville mime" with some hint of surprise that mimes might also write blogs. I suppose I must be well-known now, if other people say I am!

The second was Universal Hub, where founder, Adam Gaffin referenced my blog not once, but twice (make that thrice and it would have qualified as a running gag for the day.) First, he expressed surprise that mimes might recite poetry and then suggested in a second post that actress Alecia Batson could use some pointers in mime technique before her next audition.

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